Sunday, 22 February 2015

How do you propose we deal with this issue?

Do you know how you can resolve problems at work?

Work can be stressful, especially if you work in a foreign country with people who's first language is English. I can't evaluate how many problems at work I have every day due to many reasons. But I don't want to moan about life, I want to concentrate on how to resolve problems.

How can we resolve this issue?

Any ideas how we can correct / fix this problem?

What concerns me is ...

What bothers me is ...

The thing that annoys me is ...

What I would really like to know is ...

What we must be clear about is ... (example: who is responsible for what?)

What happened is ...

It is absolutely vital that we inform everyone in the office about ... (example: new program that can help them analyse sales figures quicker). 

And some example of handling issues at work:

- Mary said that not all team members attend team meetings and without regular updates, it is difficult to work out what stage the project has reached.

- We need to find out why they don't attend our weekly team meetings, any thoughts on this? Shall we schedule 1 to 1 meeting with everyone in our team?

- I think this is a brilliant idea, I will send invitations after our meeting.

- Yes, it is absolutely essential that all team members attend the meetings, I am guessing I have your approval on this?

- Yes, absolutely, let's schedule a follow up meeting once you have spoken to everyone in our team.

Brilliant, see you soon!

I believe that communication is a key and I am going to work hard on improving on it!

And remember always bring your note and a pan to a meeting! LOL

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